Leadership Award Recipients

Women’s Leadership Award – 2017:

Laura Diviesti was awarded the 2017 Women’s Leadership Award at the Sheridan College Pilon School of Business Academic Awards ceremony on May 30th, 2017.

2017 Women's Leadership Award
Featuring (left-to-right): Connie Stevens, Laura Diviesti & Catherine Statton

Influential Leader Award – 2017:

Emma Mogus was awarded the Influential Leader Award during our 2017 International Women’s Day event.

When Emma Mogus was nine, she found out that children from Canada’s indigenous population were being treated unjustly. As a result, Emma and her sister launched Books with No Bounds, an organization aimed to deliver books and other resources into the hands of children in Canada and around the world. To date the sisters have shipped 115,000 books to communities across Canada and around the world, impacting the lives of 150,000 children worldwide.

Within the last year, Emma was inspired again to make a difference. Through understanding challenges experienced by a friend with ALS, Emma created the TiC (Tongue-Interface-Communication), a tongue-controlled device that assists those with profound disabilities navigate computer interfaces more easily. The TiC allows people with conditions that limit their physical movements — such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries — to use computers. Emma was the recipient of the 2016 Weston Youth Innovation Award for the TiC, and holds numerous other achievements including: the International Literacy Association (ILA) Top 30 under 30 worldwide, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes (2015), the Helen Keller Fellowship Award (2015, Lions International), Greer Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Publicly Funded Education in Ontario (2014), the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award (2014), the Jack McGinnis Environmental Spirit Award (2014, Recycling Council of Ontario), the Paul Harris Fellowship (2014, Coburg Rotary Club), the Top 20 under 40 (2014, Gen Next United Way of Oakville), the Louise Russo W.A.V.E. Youth Award (2013), the Leading Girls / Leading Women – Building Communities Award (2013), the International Diana Award (2014), the Ontario Heritage Trust’s Young Heritage Leader Award (2013), the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013), the Peace Medallion Award (2012), the Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Youth Achievement and Recognition Award for Community Development (2013) and the TVO KIDS ‘Super Citizen’ Award (2013).

Lifetime Leadership Award – 2017:

Dr. Lauralee Morris was awarded the Lifetime Leadership award during our 2017 International Women’s Day event.

Dr. Lauralee Morris is a family physician with a special interest in public health and tropical medicine. Dr. Morris has been deployed with the Doctors Without Borders on international relief missions including to Camp Azraq in Jordan and to the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.

In September 2014, she was deployed to West Africa, where she spent four weeks on the front line of the ebola outbreak, working at an Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Kenema, Sierra Leone. At the ETC, a new 60-bed facility that she helped get up and running, she supported in both treating patients, and working to contain the virus. Morris faced more fear, more death and more risk – risk that continued even when she returned home to Canada to wait for the virus’s 21-day incubation period to pass.

Women’s Leadership Award – 2016:

Kim Mangonon was awarded the 2016 Women’s Leadership Award at the Sheridan College Pilon School of Business Academic Awards ceremony on May 31st, 2016.

2016 Women's Leadership Award
Featuring (left-to-right): Connie Stevens, Kim Mangonon & Lisa Mendez

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