About Us

The Raise Foundation was founded by Connie Stevens and Catherine Statton.


Connie Stevens has significant leadership expertise in both academic and healthcare settings.  In her current role as a full-time Professor at the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College, Connie imparts her knowledge to future leaders in the area of health sciences.

Connie has also demonstrated her leadership abilities as a member of the Medical Office Administration’s Advisory Board for over 5 years, as a legal nurse consultant and as VP of the Legal Nurse Consultants of Canada (Ontario Chapter). Connie holds a Master’s degree (Leadership) & as part of her studies, excelled in completing a Major Research paper that examined variables that influence students’ decision making with graduate studies course selection.

Connie was awarded the Leading Women, Building Communities Award in 2016.

2016 Leading Women Building Communities Award Recipient


Catherine Statton is known as a professional with a “keen desire to learn in order to more thoroughly understand and to seek opportunities to improve the systems around her.” This is evident in her successes as well as in her academic pursuits. In addition to her current designations as a Certified Health Executive (CHE™), Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Registered Cardiology Technologist, she holds a Masters degree (Leadership) and was awarded the Leading Women, Building Communities Award in 2016.

An engaging and popular expert speaker, Catherine has presented at professional conferences and workshops. She has also co-authored 5 articles on varying aspects of diabetes care that were published in several journals.